Tuesday, January 6, 2009


While Jason was here sewing, I was able to ask him all about podcasts for my new iPod Touch. Putting things into the iPod is so different from making files and directories in a computer. When I first got the it, I just couldn’t figure out how to get things into it. Was so glad to find their Forum. And then having a tech-savvy grandson in my house was even better!

If you have any favorite podcasts, please let me know so I check them out.

With the iPod, if any one asks if I have pics of my grandkids, or my latest quilt, I can really show them – plus have a tune playing while they view the slideshow! Technology – I love it! LOL

I've made a cover for the iPod Touch to slip in when not in use and can use it when carrying in my purse. And am working on a carrying bag for the iPod and accessories.

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Sunnie said...

When you make the iPod carrier, and add a pocket for the accessories, don't forget another pocket for the cell phone, one for the GPS....
oh, how about a whole High Tech Tote? LOL!
New toys are fun!