Friday, January 16, 2009

Mother Nature has a sense of humor

That’s our beautiful Pon Gam tree in the front yard. Actually, it’s half of what it originally was. It broke my heart when Hurricane Wilma 2005 blew her down and split her in two. I love the tree cuz it has such character.DH & some neighbors trimmed her up and righted her. We didn’t have too much hope for survival cuz the tree was really in bad shape. But, survive, it did! We bought one of those silly faces that you put on tree trunks. The “face” faces the house, not visible from the street. I smile when I see it.
See that “tuft of hair” above the face? Here’s a close-up. We did not put that air plant there. Mother Nature did that. A real sense of humor, I’d say. Perfectly placed. Probably apologizing for what Wilma did.

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meggie said...

What a great story Pat! I love that face, & I am so glad your tree survived!