Saturday, January 17, 2009

Jason Quilts - Day 13

Friday Jan 16
Two pairs of shoes at the back door. Youngest grandson, Brian (almost 9) came to visit today. He was interested in seeing Jason’s quilt and kept Jason company while Jason was pin-basting the quilt sandwich together.

The quilt is all pinned and ready for machine quilting.

Here's the box of pins at the start of the pinning and what was left at the end.

Made up a quilt sandwich to practice machine quilting on. Jason did some straight lines and some wavy line stitching. He liked the wavy lines the best and he will be doing wavy lines on his quilt, following the straight seams vertically and horizontally.


Sunnie said...

Go, Jason, go!
I love that wavy line perfect for getting the job done while learning to machine quilt!
They don't all have to have lots of fancy details.
And by the next quilt, I bet Jason's artistic nature will push him to try "drawing with the electric needle"!

meggie said...

Jason is doing so well! You might end up with 2 quilting grandsons!
When my children were young, I used to get them to try everything, from art to sewing & cooking. My daughter is a wonderful cook, & my sons are both good cooks too.