Friday, August 3, 2012

Mrs. Mole, what fun!

Today on Facebook, Janome had an item about “Mrs. Mole” and her blog.  I clicked Janome’s link and read the article “Powered by Janome: The Anonymous Seamstress” describing Mrs. Mole’s blog.

I quote Janome --
“Her posts aren't mean-spirited, but people make some funny choices when it comes to clothes so the names are omitted to protect the innocent. But if you've ever been asked to do any kind of alteration, you'll enjoy her stories.”

When I visited Mrs. Mole’s site I thoroughly enjoyed her posts!  I take it she is from Australia, but they seem to have the same type of customers that we have in the USA!  I’ve had similar experiences when I have done some sewing for others in years past.

Now that I am a quilter, I have gotten these kind of comments --
“I heard you’re a quilter, do you shorten pants?”
“I heard you’re a quilter, do you repair zippers?”
“I heard you’re a quilter, can you alter my daughter’s prom dress?”
“I heard you’re a quilter, can you make a cover for my sofa?”

I’m sure you’ve heard similar comments.  Go check out Mrs. Mole’s blog, she’ll give you a laugh, or two!