Saturday, January 24, 2009

Jason Quilts – Day 15

Friday January 23
Jason learned a few new things today which has been no different than any other day. It seems that just about the time he masters a new technique, we are on to learning another technique. One thing he has found is that things are easier the more you do them. The machine quilting went faster today.

He finished all the quilting lines. Cut the binding for the quilt. Learned how to sew diagonal seams necessary to piece together a long strip of binding. Learned how to sew binding to a quilt and make mitered corners in the binding.

More than half the binding sewn to the quilt. Trimmed up a portion of the sewn area so he could see how the binding would turn under and how nice those mitered corners looked!

Those wavy quilting lines really look good. This picture really doesn’t do the quilting justice. Used Sulky Blendable thread 30wt. for the quilting. Love the changing of the colors in that thread.

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