Sunday, May 23, 2010

Can’t move my fonts

Okay, I thought I’d do the computer a favor and move some of the 1,339 fonts I have.  I find I can’t.  I can copy them, I can delete them, but I cannot move them.

Does anyone know how to move fonts from the Windows>Fonts directory to another directory?

Computer running slow?

If your computer is running slow, it is time for a little bit of maintenance.  If you’ve let it go for awhile, this maintenance might take more than a little while to complete.  But, future maintenance will be a piece of cake.

I knew that fonts were probably causing my computer to boot up slowly.  But, I was hesitant to remove them.  Ya know, the fonts I throw out today are going to be the fonts I’ll need tomorrow!

Today AOL had this article  that had some tips and links to getting your computer up to speed.  It also gave me a link to Microsoft’s directions on adding fonts, removing fonts and deleting fonts.  And in those directions, there’s directions to move fonts.  Now, I didn’t know I could move fonts.  That’s gonna work for me.  I will see what fonts I can live without and move them to my external harddrive.  That way they won’t boot up.  And if I ever find I need them, I know where to find them.

When I went to C > Windows > Fonts > I was shocked to see that I had 1339 fonts on my computer!  Just about every program you install seems to put in their own fonts – especially the publishing programs.  I got a big moving job ahead of me.  I’ll just do a little at a time, when I can spare the time.

And then there was a link to an article about what you should do at least once a month to improve your computer’s performance.  I must say that I’m pretty good about doing the Disk Cleanup and Defragging.  But, I will now add Disk Check to my list.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

45” fabric ???

Whatever happened to 44” – 45” wide fabric? I’ve put in some sewing time this week and had the occasion to follow directions that called for a cut of fabric that measured 41-1/2” of fabric across the width. I had to cut into part of the selvage to get 41-1/2” of fabric in that cut!

Now, this was “Quilt Shop” fabric. As opposed to “Big Box Store” fabric, which tends to be not as generous in their widths. Altho, some of the big box stores are carrying some high-end fabric and things are getting better on that front.

Being a quilter, I generally take big pieces of fabric and cut them into small pieces and then sew those small pieces into big pieces. I usually buy a little more fabric than my design calls for. And if sewing something created by others, I generally buy a little more, too. Doesn’t hurt to “feed the stash”. Plus, most times, I buy Fat Quarters. So, I really don’t concern myself with width of fabric. I buy what fabric grabs my heart, my senses.

Unless I am designing a pattern. Then, I am concerned with fabric width and that’s another story.

I wondered if other fabrics in my stash came close to being 44'” – 45” wide. Well, after measuring several fabrics from my stash – I did not have any that measured 44” wide. None at 43”. None at 42. I lucked out to find 41-1/2” wide fabric! That’s not anywhere near 44” – 45”! Karamba!

I went to to see if the newer patterns compensated for these narrower fabrics.


Nope, they were still using 45” as a “buyable” width. Even if you could buy 45” wide fabric, that width would include the selvage.

I went into EQ to see on what fabric widths they were basing their “yardage to buy”.

yardage EQ had a 44” wide option. But, NOT a 45”. They must have measured their fabric, too! They also have 42” wide as an option. I use the 42” width for determining fabric yardage in EQ.

Now, why would a pattern company such as Simplicity still hold onto the notion that there is 45” wide “usable” fabric in the width? Never was. If fabric were 45”, that would include the selvage – selvage is NOT usable. With clothing patterns, you follow their directions to place your pattern pieces on the fabric and generally they don’t give you much “wiggle room”. And if that wide sleeve butts up against another pattern piece on a narrower width of fabric (less than 45”), you WILL have to piece that sleeve in the underarm area. Been there, done that.

I don’t think I have any 44” wide usable fabric. Do you?

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Live Auctions: Exhilarating

gavelIf seen auctions in movies and on TV, but I’ve never been to a live auction.  Until today.  Wow!  What an experience.

We were in the market for some new kitchen floor tile and son said that there was a close-out sale at a place he does business with.  Well, it turned out to be an auction, not a sale.  With a fast-talking auctioneer who stood on a ladder as he moved from pallet to pallet of tile.

Luckily, I found a tile I liked and it was in a pile that was going to be auctioned off shortly.  DH & son went and got us registered.  You had to put down $100 cash to register and get a number.  You could only bid if you had registered and had a number.  The registration was refundable in case you didn’t bid on anything or if you wanted to charge your purchase.

Most of the palettes of tile were big lots – 500+ square feet and one I heard was 5,000 square feet and we only needed 131 square feet for our kitchen.  And the tile I liked came 144 square foot in a pile.

When that auctioneer started doing his thing – my, you felt like you just had to buy something.  It was fast & exciting.  Would be easy to get caught up in a frenzy.  The adrenaline was pumping.  And please don’t raise your hand, unless you intend to bid.

DH did the bidding for our small pile of tile – got it for 45¢ a square foot.  That tile originally sold for around  $1.75 a square foot.  I think we got a bargain!  It was such a feeling of euphoria when we “won” our bid!  Just a natural high.

I’ve signed up at the auctioneer’s website to get their newsletter.  I wonder what other auctions will be coming up in the future that might have something I’d be interested in.

I see on their website that they have an auction that will be at a Moving & Storage - 110+ vaults of un-paid storage.  “Vaults opened as they go. Be prepared to make immediate buying decisions.”

gavel2I wonder if any of those vaults hold anything of value?  What are the odds of lucking out on a purchase?  Like having something really good inside the vault.  But, then, they have not paid their bill, so the items might not be that important, or that valuable.  Hmmm, one can only wonder.

Friday, May 14, 2010

The price of sewing has gone up

I save things.  In some circles I might be known as a pack rat.  I’d rather be referred to as a “keeper of important things.”  In my container that has snaps, hooks & eyes and other closures is an old card that used to have snaps snapped to it.

1518If you will click on the above pic, you will see that the empty card on the left is from “Penneys” and the price printed right on the card is 13¢ !  I don’t know the year that those snaps were bought, but Pennys is now known as JC Penney and certainly does not sell snaps today.  The card on the left has snaps made by Dritz and they sell for $2.29 today at JoAnn.  Same amount of snaps – 12 of them – but very different pricing!

I did a search in Bing for “calculate percentage increase” and got a formula that gave me a price increase of 1661.54%.  That’s One Thousand Six Hundred plus percent increase!   That can’t be right!  Anyone out there who knows their math?  Let me know if that percentage is right.

Actually, I got the snaps from JoAnn on sale and only paid half-price $1.14.  And using the same formula to calculate the percentage it was only a 776%+ increase.  Such a deal …

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Raccoons & Dinosaurs

1492 Another grandchild came to use the sewing machine on Sunday and Tuesday.  This wasn’t the 1st time that Jessi has been here to sew/quilt.  In fact, way before I started blogging, I wrote about our first Quilting Adventure together.  Goodness, she was 5 then, is 17 now.  Doesn’t seem like 12 years ago!

Along with pics of grandkid’s shoes, I like to take “back” shots --

1494Jessi is working on the planks in the boat.

1493We found that the “waves” fabric we liked didn’t show up too well on the fleece background.  Soooo, fused “wave” to blue fleece and cut a margin of blue around & were able to use the fabric.

1496Looks like a tall chair with feet!

1497    Aaaah, but it is only Jessi!

Jessi had bought the fleece & a Tshirt with a raccoon on it.  Her mom sketched paw prints on the Tshirt and we were able to appliqué the paw prints down on the fleece, also.  The boat fabric came from this grandma's stash.  The blanket goes to a special friend.

There’s a raccoon on the other corner.  There’s a story to this blanket & the appliqués, but it’s not mine to tell …

We have raccoons back in our neighborhood, again.  The cold weather had kept them away, but they are back to digging in the flower beds and the mulch and knocking things around.  So, my DH traps them & re-locates them.  This guy is no longer in our neighborhood --

1499What a coincidence – a raccoon in a cage and a raccoon in the sewing room … I prefer the sewing room kind!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Bloggers can get EQ7 free!

Bloggers – if you want a chance to give away a copy of EQ7 on your blog AND get a free copy for yourself, head on over to EQ’s blog for details.  Scroll on down to April 26 entry.

Electric Quilt will even mail EQ7 to the winner.