Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Inauguration Day – 2

All the powerful politicians, presidents past and present and Hollywood folk are gathered for this event. It always surprises me that some of these very wealthy people can’t seem to afford a decent hair stylist.

Sasha & Malia Obama (the president-elect’s daughters) had the prettiest coats, in the prettiest colors. Blue on Malia and peach on Sasha. Aretha Franklin, the queen of soul, had on a hat that was something else - a huge be-jeweled grey ribbon affair.

Through all the formal-ness of this event, it is nice to see the sincere hugs amongst people who are glad to see each other. I got a chill when Barack Obama walked out to the platform. This is history. How he must have felt looking out over the multitude of people who came to see him and hear him speak. They say over one and a half million people are in that crowd on the Mall.

Aretha Franklin sand “My Country Tis of Thee”. She did it like no other. There were tears in the audience while she sang.

At 12:05pm, it is now President Barack Obama.
The crowd went wild. A sea of waving flags. Such hope we all have. Hope was reflected on many of the faces in the crowd. Happy faces. Joyful faces.

While the newly-elected President spoke, he promised change. I think he will change things. Some of the things he said “ Remake America”, “Restore trust between people and their government”, “We are ready to leave once more”, “The world has changed and we will change with it”.

Enjoy your day, President Obama. The celebrations are all for you. Change has come.

According to this morning’s newspaper, the inaugural lunch will have wild game & root vegetables like in President Abraham Lincoln’s time. Pheasant fingers? No thank you, I’ll be happy with a nice Beef Pot Pie.

I’ve always wondered – as the incoming President says goodbye to the outgoing President and the outgoing President walks to the helicopter – what’s the outgoing President thinking? “Whew. It’s good to get out of there and start a normal life”. Maybe.

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