Monday, December 8, 2008

Weather & thanx

I decided to put the Temp up on the sidebar. This is the time of year that I look forward to in South Florida. Originally, I am from Wisconsin and am very familiar with cold winters. So, I really appreciate the Florida winters. Hope that by seeing the warm temps, it warms your heart. Just remember, I've got to endure the hot, humid Florida summer before I get the wonderful winter.

I want to thank the Quilting Gallery for featuring my Christmas Shopping Bag. And a big Hello! to all those stopping by on a link from the Quilting Gallery. For those who don't know, the Quilting Gallery lists Quilting Bloggers by state, province or country.


piney said...

I know how nice FL winters are because my BIL lives in Palm Beach Gardens and we visited often. But I still cannot not trade my winters for your summers yet. I live on the southcoast of MA and our winters are not as severe as in MN. I guess the best would be summers here and winters there. Yeah, when I hit the lottery!

Pat said...

Yes, Piney, you've got the best idea -- for me it would be winters here and summers anywhere but here! LOL