Friday, December 26, 2008

clubEQ Challenges

Do you have the quilting software program Electric Quilt? Have you ever participated in a clubEQ Challenge? Barb Vlack, an EQ author and teacher, posts a challenge every month. The Electric Quilt website puts up all the challenge entries so that you can see the quilts sent in.

Description of current challenge -
List of past challenges by name –

What’s really neat is when you enter the monthly challenge, at the end of the challenge you will receive the project file of each and every entrant! BarbV always has some new wrinkle in her designs and I look forward to getting her PJ6 file to see how she did what she did.

clubEQ is an excellent way to keep in practice with Electric Quilt and also to get the creative juices flowing. I haven’t had the chance (yet) this month to work on a design for the December challenge, but hope to find free time this weekend. I have a webpage of some of the challenges that I participated in – You can even request some of my project files, if you wish.

Here’s a pic of my most recent entry – This quilt is #52 on the August (Postcards) Challenge page -- You can read the description of my entry on the EQ website and on my challenge webpage.

ClubEQ has been around for a long time. I was lucky enough to be around at the beginning when BarbV began creating the challenges and I was putting up the quilts on my website and in online photo albums. I had to take a break from that cuz it was sure time consuming. So, Electric Quilt took it over and there has been almost 9,000 quilts entered into challenges!

Hope you all had a nice Christmas. We celebrate Christmas with family on Christmas Eve. Then, we had a very nice quiet Christmas Day and another good dinner. The feasting has got to stop! The cookies and sweets – oh my!

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Sunnie said...

EQ is the best!
And don't forget they have a great monthly e-newsletter that always has helpful advice and ideas...esp. the "free fabrics" to add to your EQ Library.