Sunday, December 21, 2008

Jason Quilts – Day Five

Wednesday Dec. 17
When Jason came to the house this morning, he brought his younger brother with him as a surprise. Joe is on Winter Break from classes at Florida State University. It feels so good to know that these 2 young men would like to spend some time with their Gma (and Gpa, too).

Went shopping and Jason got the rest of the fabric for the face of his quilt. Fabric at Joann’s was on sale at 30% off. Got some good bargains. I guess that sometimes when grandsons get bigger, they still do “little boy stuff”. Yes, Jason, I saw you out of the corner of my eye doing the “hula hoop” with one of the large embroidery hoops in Joann’s! May you never lose that “little boy” in you – visit him often!

After lunch, Jason got back to the sewing machine and sewed one complete block and almost finished another. He had cut the patches last Friday.
It was good to be in the sewing room with 2 grown grandsons. We talked of many things as Jason sewed. Why is it that gathering around the sewing machine brings out all those conversations? Just as in the Quilting Bees of the Pioneer Women gathering around the quilting frame.

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