Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Christmas Shopping Bag Tute

I have great respect for all of you quilting and crafting bloggers out there who write tutorials in their blogs! It sure takes time taking all those pics and then uploading them and having to deal with the quirks of the blog's program.

I got so frustrated yesterday with trying to put up over 30 pics, 5 at a time, and dealing with the white space that grew between pics & text whenever I did another upload of pics. I said nuts to the whole deal & made my tutorial on a webpage. Please excuse some of the big pics on the webpage as they were created to go on a blog page with a link to bigger image. Ahhhh well. I will fix those big pics when I get the chance. FIXED -- Sunday Nov. 30.

Here's the Christmas Shopping Bag, complete with tutorial & Paper Piecing templates.
I figured out how to make a "French Seam Squared Bottom" Step 30 in the tute.
If you spot any errors in the tute, please let me know anotherpat@gmail.com and I will correct them.
And, if you make one of these bags, I'd sure like to see a pic!
Don't know if I'll be posting anymore before Thanksgiving, so I'd like to send wishes to y'all for a good Thanksgiving Day. And I hereby decree that all food eaten on Thanksgiving Day is calorie-free! Now, wouldn't that be something to be thankful for!


Sunnie said...

What a beautiful bag!
The tutorial looks great...lots of good photos. I also like the French seam for the bag bottom.
I won't have time to make one this year, so please remember to give us a link back to this post next July!

Pat said...

Sunnie thank you for that hint. I am going to put a reminder on my calendar (that pops up when I boot up) for July '09. But actually, the bag can probably be made in 3 afternoons -- after all supplies are in sewing room.

A plain fabric shopping bag can be made in an afternoon. That's if you don't have to cook dinner! LOL

Piney said...

I love this bag! I bet you get all kinds of comments when you're at the checkout! I will bookmark it and make some after Christmas as I am busy sewing my Christmas gifts now!