Sunday, December 21, 2008

Computer in Intensive Care

Wednesday was a good day for fabric shopping & sewing. Wednesday was not a good day for my computer. Everything was just fine one minute and then the next minute my monitor was black & the CPU was not humming. Took CPU into the Geek Squad at Best Buy and they had to keep it for further diagnostics. Two days he said. I felt as if I were leaving a member of the family at the hospital. I never thought it would affect me quite that way. At that moment, I found out how important my computer is to my life. All those years when I didn’t have a computer and now I am worried sick that I’ll be without it …

Thursday was a sad day for me. But I managed to make it through by doing some beading on a wallhanging. I will be blogging about the wallhanging soon. Made it through Friday & Saturday.

Got the CPU back this morning (Sunday). The power supply had to be replaced. Everything else checked out okay. First thing I did when I got it back was a backup. I had backed-up last week, but had been pretty busy on the PC, so I would not have liked to have lost that work, in case something was going to go wrong, again. I have done an “Ad-Aware” scan, am doing a full “VirusScan” and will be doing a defrag. PC seems to be running a little slow. All I can do is keep doing preventative maintenance & daily backups and hope for the best. I don’t want to invest in another computer right now.
Now, to play catch-up.

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