Sunday, December 21, 2008

Jason Quilts – Day Six

Friday Dec. 19
Didn’t start sewing ‘til after lunch today. This morning, Jason had a final fitting for a tuxedo he will be wearing as a groomsman in a wedding on Sunday. He completed the final block of the quilt today. The rest is sashing & borders. Rows 2, 4 and 6 are sewn together.

Each sewing session finds him more comfortable at the machine. He has observed that the pieces are getting bigger! LOL That calls for a different strategy to use when parts of what you’re sewing are hanging over the edges of the sewing table and their weight is dragging things down.

I have shown him various ways to complete certain tasks and let him decide for himself which method to use. He knows how important it is for the fabric to be even at the beginning and end of seams – can’t have one fabric scoot ahead of the other and end up longer than the fabric underneath.

He knows to clip all threads as the seams are sewn. The back of his work is as “clean” as the front. Jason is doing such a great job on his first quilt.

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Piney said...

I think Gma is prouder than Jason about this quilt