Friday, December 12, 2008

Jason Quilts – Day Four

Happy Birthday, Greg!

Jason is a shoe-less sew-er.
All the gkids seems to take off their shoes as soon as they come into our house. They always place their shoes at the back door. That comes from habit. When the gkids were little, they were taught that if you’re gonna take your shoes off at Gma’s house, put them by the back door so that we know where the shoes are when we need to put them back on again.

On some wonderful days, I had 6 pairs of little shoes, in various sizes, at the back door. Nowadays all of the gkids shoes are much bigger, as are they. And nowadays we have 7 gkids. We had gkids in 2 batches. Had 6 gkids in 7 years. What a bunch that was when they all got together! When youngest gkid turned 7, we had a 7th gkid. Oh, how lucky the 7th gkid is – he has 6 cousins who adore him and teach him so many things. And, yah, sometimes some real funny things, too!

I’m a shoes-on sew-er. Sometimes, I am a barefoot sew-er. What kind of sew-er are you?
Today we had a shorter sewing session than usual. But, Jason managed to cut out all the pieces needed for 3 blocks. He completed 1 block.

He put together a block that has 17 patches. And it turned out perfect! The horizontal lattice in the block lines up from row to row. Good job, Jas! Today’s block – top left.

The first 3 blocks were made from strip sets and then cut up as blocks. I thought the last 3 blocks should give him some piecing practice, so I had him cut the patches individually and sew them together as rows. Actually, the shorter pieces are easier to keep straight when sewing. And are easier to press.

Jason is on Winter Break now, so we just might get 2 sewing days next week. Will also have to do some more shopping, as we need the fabric for the sashing around each block.


karenfae said...

It was kind of funny when i first looked at the photo I thought what hairy legs LOL, then read the article and see the legs should have hair on them :) good job Jason.
I am a shoe on person, my feet tend to get very cold, only time I go shoeless is summer time.

Pat said...

Oh, that's funny Karen! Nope my legs ain't that hairy! LOL I knew I wanted a photo of Jason's stockinged feet for the blog. After I took the pic and was looking at it in the camera, I remarked to Jason about how many people up North were now very cold & how nice it was for us to be able to be in shorts!

Today I have my slippers on -- cuz the temp has dropped. But, it will be going back up on Monday.

Sherry V said...

Pat, your banner/headline is just great!

I also love it when the gkids' shoes are here in the "shoe pile." I have four -- two girls and two boys. The older boy, 10, believe it or not is the one most interested in sewing and quilting.

Pat said...

SherryV, I'm glad you like the banner/headline at the top of my page! In my mind's eye, I knew what I wanted to do, so I started looking thru my photos and found an old pic of neighbor's house across the street -- those are their palm trees. Took it into PaintShopPro and made some flickering lights then into AnimationShop to make the animation.

Gkids & piles of shoes -- happy memories for both of us!

HeARTgirl said...

Mom - You amaze me with your quilting, your blogging, your know-how in many things! (-: Love, Your Favorite Daughter, Kim <3