Monday, November 10, 2008

Quilting Community

Long ago, in a land far, far away there was a village of communities at America Online. The Quilting Community was one of the best. Its volunteers hosted chat rooms, manned the boards (forums), created projects & BOMs for quilters and put out a great newsletter – the NinePatchNews.

I was part of that community and was webmaster from June 1999 til June 2005 when AOL discontinued the Volunteer Community Leader program. When AOL did that, we no longer had access to any Quilting Community webpages and couldn’t edit any of those webpages, all of which were still online.

Then, on October 31, 2008, AOL stopped hosting all member webpages, after giving us a month’s notice. There were a lot of quilting projects on the Quilting Community webpages and when trying to access them you get a message “… AOL® Hometown has been shut down permanently. We sincerely apologize ...”

As webmaster, I had copies of all those projects saved on my computer. As time allows, I will be putting them online, again, as I get permission from the designers. Here’s the first one – just in time for Christmas – a Tree Skirt designed by my good ‘ole buddy, Tish! This project is tailor-made for beginners. Tish has a knack for writing that makes it easy for beginners to follow and gives them the confidence that they can do it. Experienced quilters will also enjoy her style and her projects. There is also a gallery of a few Tree Skirts that others have done --

There is only 1 project on the list at this time, others will follow.


Piney said...

Thanks so much for taking the time to restore these projects. I was looking forward to making some fleece hats this winter from the pattern on the website. That was a wonderful community and was shocked to see it gone. I had it bookmarked. I found your website through google. Bad AOL!

Pat said...

Hi Piney,

Welcome to AnotherPatch. Glad you found me.

You can make those fleece hats! I looked thru the info I have saved & found that the directions came from Fabricland -

The "inches" conversion is --
6mm = 1/4", 5cm = 2", 7cm = 3", 10cm = 4", 50cm = 20", 58cm= 23", 61cm = 24", 64cm = 25", 0.5m = 60"

I will be putting that fleece project up and the other fleece projects with it, cuz you requested it! But, it will have to be when I get the time... I'll let you know in my blog.

Piney said...

Ok, that would be great! I checked out that website you posted and that's the hat! Thanks. They will have to wait now because I am going to be busy making some of those fabric baskets from Pink Penguin for Christmas gifts. They are adorable!
I'm glad I found you too! You have renewed my interest in sewing.

Pat said...

Piney, what a nice thing to say! You have made my day! Comments like yours is one of the reasons I do what I do ...