Friday, November 7, 2008

Blogging and shopping

Have now added some gadgets (widgets). What fun it is to do that kind of stuff. You know, if you have always wanted to have a blog – it’s not that difficult to do. This blog is on You can have your blog be viewable to everyone or you can have it be private. Or you can have it be private with an option of sharing it with others who are on your list.

What is really nice about blogs is the organizing and the archiving that the blog does -- without any effort from the blogger. And those cute little widgets. All these new words I’m learning …

So, you could journal your stuff and have it private, just to be viewed and accessed by yourself. Once you do this little bit to the blog and then do that little bit to the blog – ya get hooked! And it’s not a bad addiction! I found it has put my writing skills back into practice. Remember how we used to write letters, put a stamp on them and drop them in a mailbox? The best part was getting the letter in your mailbox and then sit down in a quite corner and enjoy the letter that someone took time to write and send just to you. We all had good writing skills then.

I have gone green with my shopping. My house was getting overgrown with plastic bags, so I did some hunting on the Net and made some fabric shopping bags, using features I liked on various bags. I wrote up a webpage on what I did –

Are you using fabric bags for shopping? Have you made any fabric shopping bags?


Sunnie said...

Hey there, Pat!
Yes, I have made some "green bags", too. It's a great use for those home dec fabrics found-but-not-resisted in the remnant bin!
I got a little sticker that says "Remember to take your bag!" for my car window...but I still forget sometimes, and the checkers are disappointed. Appearently my home-sewn bags are more admired than the store's brand!

Pat said...

I know what you mean, Sunnie, about forgetting those bags. I keep my bags in a mesh bag that is hooked to the back of the seat in the van.
I put a sticky note that sez "bags" on my shopping list. I've been using the fabric bags so long that I now remember to get my bags before opening the car door.
Now, watch, I'll forget them the next time I go! LOL