Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Back as promised!

The turkey at the top of the page is from a panel print I bought at Joann's in 2004. It was a gift to my DD at Thanksgiving to thank her for hosting the big dinner. I still felt I had to stuff a turkey! LOL I had done a kabillion turkey dinners over the years and was so happy to pass the torch to someone else. I found out it was really nice to be a guest at Thanksgiving. Another thing to be thankful for.

I've had a website for a long time at America Online. AOL decided to stop hosting member websites and gave us a few weeks to get outa Dodge. I decided I still wanted a web presence. So, I bit the bullet and bought my own domain -- http://anotherpat.com/ Get it? My 2nd patch of the internet is this blog! I thought that to be very clever ..

My website is hosted by http://bluehost.com/ and I have been very happy with their service. They actually have tech help that answers phones in the USA, not outsourced! I think they're based in Utah. They have been so polite and so very helpful with all of my dumb questions. I'd recommend them to anyone. Got any questions about BlueHost? Ask me -- I'll let you know what I know.

Now, since I've had a website and this blog is a new thingy to me, I don't know how I'm gonna make it flow between the two. So, I am on another adventure. I'm beginning to think that the journeys in life are far more fun than the destinations. I've always loved planning the trip -- sometimes the trip turns out wonderful, sometimes not. But, the planning is always exciting. So begins my journey into blogdom.

This is the oddest sensation -- writing in a blog is not like writing to someone. It's like throwing your thoughts out there in hopes that someone will catch them.

For my first leg of the journey, if you'd like to accept it, I am doing a review. I got the Bendable Bright Light and attached it to my sewing machine. Let me tell you, I am very pleased with the pin-point of light that comes from that little light. It really lights up the needle area when doing thread painting -- which is my newest joy of quilting. I have sewn clothing for many years and loved to make Halloween costumes for the grands when they were young. So, believe me, I have lots of thread to use up. Thread is like beads -- the more you have, the more you want! LOL Yes, I embellish my wallhangings with beads. Let the journey begin ...

Here's a link to my webpage review on the Bendable Bright Light -- http://anotherpat.com/reviews.htm

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