Wednesday, November 5, 2008

It's a lovely day after the election

Yahoo!!! Yahoo! Nor more political ads on the TV! Two years of those political ads is just about 1 year and 10-1/2 months too long.

Finished watching my tape of Sunday nite’s “Army Wives” finale. Can’t the Army just let Joan stay with her baby ‘til she’s done breast feeding? How cruel to separate mom & baby now.

Dollars to donuts, Claudia Joy’s family won’t be going to Belgium any time soon. I can’t see them doing the show without her character in it.

Oh dear, Denise sure picked the wrong kind of guy for herself. He’s too young for her. Seems closer in age to her son.

Didn’t take Major Frank too long to start bed-hopping. Since when does “separation” mean “time to have an affair”? Goes for both Denise & Major Frank.

Oh yeah, I watch “All my Children” at lunchtime!

I await next year’s episodes. Did you know that Lifetime put out 19 episodes of Army Wives this year? That’s a whole lot more that what the networks are putting out now. And a much better show than most of the stuff that the networks are putting out.

Have you made any of those fabric baskets, yet? I found out about them at Pink Penguin’s site --

Here’s a couple that I have done, without handles. I like the softness of the fabric, rather than the harshness of the wicker baskets I previously had the contents in. I made one little change in the construction. I found that if I cut the lining just 1/2” shorter than the length of the face fabric, the lining laid much tighter to the inside of the basket. For example: Face measures 7-3/4” x 11-1/2”cut the lining 7-3/4” x 11”.


Sunnie said...

Welcome to the "blogosphere", Pat!
I could not agree more with you about the end to the elections. I just got back from my guild's retreat, which went over Election Day. There were signs posted on the main building's doors that said, "NO POLITICS ZONE". Any election discussions had to be held outside and only within hearing of those interested.....not that the election was not important, but in consideration of everyone's blood pressures (and friendships).

Piney said...

These baskets are so cool! I'm going to make a few as gifts for my friends who have everything... something to put it all in!
Thanks for putting the link on your website.

Pat said...

Aren't Ayumi's fabric baskets neat! If you make one from squares, it is really easy to determine how make future bags bigger (or smaller) by visualizing more (or less) squares.

Piney said...

Do you think I should add more 2" squares or make larger sqwares for bigger baskets?

Pat said...

Piney, more squares or larger squares? It's up to you. If you want it taller, add more squares to the height of the patchwork. If you want it wider -- add more squares to the width.

Larger squares will add height & width to the basket at the same time.

Once you make a fabric basket from squares, you can then visualize different sizes, cuz you know the size of the squares and can count how many across by how many down. And then picture in your mind more (or less) squares across and/or down.

You don't have to make the basket from squares -- you can use one big piece of fabric -- or 2 pieces -- or more pieces. How about a stripe running all around the top of the basket?

I have a stripe running all around the bottom of the turquoise basket in my pic.

Make the 1st basket from squares, it's your "what if" for future baskets. Plus, it's really easy to determine what size the patchwork was on a particular basket if you know the size of the squares and the number of squares in the patchwork.