Friday, November 21, 2008

Jason Quilts - Day One

I had the most delightful day today with the most delightful person - my grandson Jason. About a week ago I got an email from him asking if I’d have the time to teach him how to make a quilt. Would I? I couldn’t get my fingers to type fast enough to let him know how honored I would be to help him learn to quilt. He has always been artistic and very creative and is now taking a Graphic Arts course. He’s 20.

Not knowing what he had in mind, I had some pics of quilts showing different types of quilts and construction. Convergence quilts by Ricky Timms, the “Guy Quilts” from an Electric Quilt clubEQ challenge, Optical Illusion quilts. Showed him some quilts from recent books – “9-Patch Pizzazz” by Judy Sisneros, “Blending Photos with Fabric” by Mary Ellen Kranz & Cheryl Hayes. Wanted to see what struck his eye. We’ll see what he comes up with. He is now aware of how EQ6 can help in the quilt design.

After lunch, we went into the sewing room. He had never cut with a rotary cutter before, so he practiced rotary cutting until he got the feel for it. He had never stitched a line before so I had him sew together those cut up pieces with a 1/4" seam. Then, he chose 2 fabrics, cut them into 3-1/2” squares and sewed them into a 9patch block. His first three match points on the 9patch were “so-so”. The fourth match point was “right on”!

I sent him home with some fabric squares to practice match points. Gave him some mags and a book. Grandpa sent him home with his (Grandpa’s) homemade cookies! We’ll see him next Friday for more. Probably a turkey sandwich lunch, too!

See the day Jason's sister & I sewed.

Now to go do some more on the tutorial …


Sherry V said...

Yay! Another new quilter. So far I haven't convinced my DD or DIL to share my passion. And what a coinky-dinky -- that's my son's name and I am currently binding a small wallhanging for him. It's a Barbara Olson graphic.

Pat said...

Sherry, my DD never showed a desire to sew. But does sew home-dec stuff & Halloween costumes. Must have been osmosis!

Jason is my DD's son and her DD has also spent some time in my sewing room - here's when my DGD was younger - and she's sewn more as years went by.

Sunnie said...

Now THAT is the sort of "life interruption" we can all cheer for!
What a good day you had with jason!

Jason said...

It was a great day