Friday, November 28, 2008

Jason Quilts – Day Two

Another good day. Jason is now very good at getting the intersecting seams of a Four-Patch to match at the center. He practiced sewing patches at the machine. He said that he likes the “sewing of the seams”. Me, too.

After lunch of turkey sandwiches (what else?), we looked at some more quilting books for ideas.

Because of his school obligations, he didn’t have any time to do sewing at home this week. Nor time to look at quilts in the mags or books or internet. He still didn’t have an idea of what he wanted to do.

In “The Thimbleberries Guide for Weekend Quilters” by Lynnette Jensen, he found two quilts he liked. He liked the center of one quilt and the borders of another. And wondered if he could extend parts of the blocks from the center into the 2nd border! I think we have a quilter!

We took the book to the computer and in EQ6, we combined the components that he liked. He now has his “own design”. He really enjoyed coloring the quilt with the fabrics that he picked out.
I emailed him a line drawing of the quilt from EQ6. He is learning PhotoShop and he wanted to experiment with the line drawing. That should be nice practice.

While I was eating lunch, I was wondering what we were going to do next, seeing as how we had no plan. But, I think that when we talked about what kinds of fabric he liked (country colors) and types of quilt blocks he was drawn to (traditional), I was able to pull down some books that showed what he was interested in. While looking at the photos in the quilt books, we talked about layouts – straight set, diagonal set. And he commented on quilt layouts that he liked or colors that he was interested in.

All new creations are inspired by past observation. The design comes from asking oneself – what if … Jason did the “what if” today. And he came up with a knock-your-socks-off quilt! This is as much an experience for me – as it is for him.

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