Monday, August 10, 2009

Christmas Shopping Bag & EZ shopping bag

817 I wrote a tutorial for a Christmas Shopping bag last November.  Thought I’d bring it back now, in case anyone would like to make one for this Christmas.  They make nice gifts.  The can be used to “wrap a gift”.  Make one for yourself to put your Christmas shopping items in.

And if you want to make some super-easy-to-construct Shopping Bags that are good give-aways, here’s a link to my bloggin’ buddy Sunnie’s tutorial.


Sunnie said...

Great timing for your beautiful Christmas bag, Pat!I always wait until the Last Minute (or later) to think about doing something like that.
When I was organized one year, I made Christmas gifts of holiday wear (ties for the men, sweatshirt jackets for the ladies) and gave them at Thanksgiving or the first week of December.
I have added anothetr tutorial link on my blog for a great "down & dirty, fast & easy" shopping bag:

moramargaritaster said...

Great xmas bag.Thanks for sharing the pdf.This year i have nice projects for xmas and i hope make this for me.