Tuesday, August 18, 2009


WIP = Work In Progess, UFO = UnFinished Object

Here’s the front section of a small purse (for me), WIP:1270Here’s the reverse side to show the quilting -- 1271Did some Stitch-In-The-Ditch quilting around the scene in the middle. Added some curlicue wind to the scene. Bordered by overlapping tongue shapes.

What I found works good for purses is a 3-layer combo of fabric, 80- cotton/20-poly batting and non-fusible interfacing. The interfacing gives it some body.

I made the PaperPieced scene from the EQ CD “Town & Country Patchwork” by Cori Derksen & Myra Harder. I got inspired by those very same trees on that CD to make the Christmas Shopping Bag that I designed last winter.

I’m the type of quilter who likes to have several projects going all the time. So, I have a pile(s) of WIPs which turn into UFOs at some time or another and then back to being WIPS again. Right now, my UFOs outnumber WIPs! But, I do finish projects. Eventually.

Do you have more UFOs than WIPS?

You know, I’ve heard of quilters who start a project and stick with it until it’s complete! They never have UFOs. I’ve never actually met someone like that … just heard about them. Do those quilters really exist? Or did someone make that up to make the rest of us feel guilty!


Robbie Payne said...

OK, I admit I'm one of those who don't have 'hardly' any UFO's! I can count 3...I feel like they're homework hanging over my head!! I hate that feeling...guilt? Being raised Catholic! I do have several projects I work on at one time but 'usually' finish..key words..'hardly' & 'usually'!

Sunnie said...

I also have heard there are people who don't have any scraps...they get rid of everything at the end of each project!
On the other hand, who is accepting those scraps...?
Never mind.

Meggie said...

I thought it was a myth! I never have less than 4 projects on the go at once. The truth is, it is often more!! LOL.