Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Clover Needle Threader

090812Something that really works the way it’s supposed to!

As eyes get older, they require all kinds help.  Like eyeglasses, good lighting, magnifying glasses and needle threaders!  While doing some handsewing the other day, I realized how I’ve come to really appreciate the Clover Needle Threader.  It is such a simple, magical tool that works every time.

Insert needle eye down.  Lay thread in the slot.  Push button.  Needle threaded!  Works every time.

When my 9 year old grandson was over one day, the Needle Threader was out and he asked what it was.  Told him it was a needle threader and told him what to do and he threaded a needle and got that wonderful look on his face that meant he was impressed.  And he wanted to do it again.  And he wanted his mom to do it!  Takes a lot to impress these 9 year old tech-savvy kids these days … yahoo for the Clover Needle Threader!

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Jackie said...

I'm SO glad to hear this works as I've purchased one!