Thursday, August 6, 2009

How’d You Get So Rich?

DH & I were pleasantly surprised to see Joan Rivers’ new TV show on the TVLand channel last night How’d You Get So Rich?  It was very entertaining.  The premise of the show is how many times have you driven by a beautiful (expensive) home & wondered what the owners did for a living to afford such a place.

Very close to our heart was the first segment about the inventor of Billy Bob Teeth.  Yes, he made millions.  DH bought a pair of those teeth many years ago and he enjoyed amusing the little grandchildren with those teeth.

One of our grandsons was so impressed with the teeth that he saved up his weekly allowance & bought his own pair of Billy Bob Teeth.  When he had his school pic taken that year, he persuaded the photographer to take a second pic of him with his Billy Bob Teeth.

090806He proudly presented the pic to his Gpa!  Aaaah, DH’s wild and wacky sense of humor gets passed on through the genes!  LOL

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