Thursday, March 12, 2009

Quilt tip – Marking rows

I’ve tried all sorts of methods of numbering rows for a quilt to keep the sewn rows in order.  Most times, I use a small square of paper and put the row number on it and safety pin it in place.  But, the paper usually curls and can’t re-use them too many times.  I think I’ve thought of a clever way of numbering the rows.

1044 I took 2 reinforcement labels - usually used for reinforcing the holes on loose leaf paper – stuck them together, put a number on both sides and used a pin to pin the marker to the row.  I had some pins that don’t have that coil at the end of the pin.  I like the way they work for this.

1045Seeing as how these are made from vinyl, they will probably last a long time.   I seem to remember back when I did some knitting years ago, they had plastic row markers that might work for this purpose.  The next time I go to JoAnn, I’m going to check out the knitting department to see if they have something that might be used instead of the reinforcements.  If not, then I better be sure to have a good supply of the  reinforcements on hand.


Sunnie said...

How have you missed all the Fons & Porter notions, pins with arrows and tags with numbers, etc etc etc.?
Maybe you saw the prices first and didn't bother to examine any of those notions! LOL
I love your idea, and any idea that uses something on hand instead of mass produced.
If you want some larger tags, how about cutting up a milk bottle? We sure aren't using them for template plastic any more!

Pat said...

Yup, I've seen the F&P notions, but didn't want to spend that kind of money on them. I like using things on hand. Milk bottle plastic? Sunnie, that is a great idea! The plastic is easy enuf to cut and will last.