Friday, March 27, 2009

Frugal bits holder

1076Every once in the while, I like to do hand embroidery.  It soothes the soul – at least, my soul!  This pattern came from my American Patchwork & Quilting magazine, but it is available to all, online, at AP&Q’s website --

I used some felted wool that I had in the stash.  It is so pleasing to embroider on felted wool.  I would recommend it, if you are looking for a relaxing stitching experience.  You can get lost in your Zen.  The stitches go thru like a knife thru softened butter.  Used 2 strands of DMC floss.  Yes, I have a stash of DMC, too!

Instead of making French Knots for the flowers that go up the sides of the appliqué, I used beads.  I like to use beads instead of French Knots, cuz then it justifies the purchase of the beads.  Yup, another stash!1077 Aaaaah, but why are there threads hanging from the bottom of the caddy?  Those threads are the Frugal Bits, of course.

I read (or saw) a sewing machine tip some time back that said to “floss” your thread guides each time you changed your spool thread.  That is, instead of pulling the thread up and out when you remove the spool, clip the thread at the spool and pull it down and out and through, just before the needle. 

That seemed like a waste of thread to me.  So, instead of throwing away that 27” of thread, I save that Frugal Bit of thread and it drapes from a pin on the back of the caddy, until I’m ready to use it –


That Frugal Bit of thread is the perfect length for me, for hand sewing and basting.  It is very easy to pull a thread out and away from all the others.  Right now, there are lots of colors to choose from, as I haven’t had the occasion to use any.  Sometimes, there is way less thread draped over that pin.

I’ve read where some sew-ers use a stuffed animal that they have beside their machine and drape the threads on it. 

I like seeing that pretty embroidery that hangs from a pegboard hook, convenient to my sewing area. 

Nothing is in that pouch on my caddy, but if I were to get some extra cash, that would be a good place to stash it!  Nicely folded up bills.  Oh, wouldn’t it be grand to have a stash of cash?  That would require a much bigger pouch!


Sunnie said...

I never seem to have a handwork project when I need one...maybe this would be a good one!
I love the "frugal bits" part, too. I bet by the time a quilt top was done, I'd have plenty of just the right color threads for sewing the binding!

meggie said...

What a cute pouch, just waiting to be filled. Great idea for your thread too.