Thursday, March 19, 2009

Burying a short thread

I don’t like to backstitch when machine quilting, unless it’s at the edges, within the seamline, where it won’t be seen.  After knotting my threads, I like to bury the thread ends before cutting them off and make the knot disappear by tugging on it.  Sometimes, my thread ends are not long enuf to thread through a needle very easily.


I either saw or read a hint about self-threading needles.  I got a package at Joann’s.  They were called “Easy Threading Needles” by Dritz.

1055 No matter how short those threads are, they slip right in the slot in the needle!  I put the empty needle in position in the fabric --


then slip the threads in the slot --


And pull the needle through, pull needle off --


Trim the excess thread ends close to the fabric, thread tail disappears in the batting --

1061Look, ma, no knot, no backstitching showing!  Clean & neat!
And I didn’t have to contort around the needle and short thread to get the job done …  

1 comment:

Sunnie said...

This is an excellent tip!
Now, if only I could stop my nasty come from having no patience. Or possibly just laziness!
Not to mention a basic disregard for the back of my quilt.
I got a pack of those needles also for my 82 year old Dad so he can sew his own buttons back on.