Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Daylight Saving Time - Yuck

I just realized that on Sunday March 8, we will be turning our clocks ahead, again. Ooh, this nonsense has got to stop. Those wonderful congressman in DC think we need to save daylight. If they could figure out how they could save money, then I’d be interested.

I found a website that is dedicated to ending Daylight Saving Time -- They have links to contacting your congressman to let him/her know your feelings on DST. I will be doing that. They also have a petition you can sign. I did that.

I read an article today about politicians twittering and it mentioned Senator John McCain. I went to his twitter feed and read about the omnibus bill and all the pork attached to it. Is this what those politicians do for us? $1.7 million for pig odor research in Iowa? $1.4 million for genetic improvements of switchgrass? Those are a couple of the items I found interesting. The whole list sounds like a bunch of hogwash.pig Here’s the link to Sen. McCain’s statement about the omnibus appropriation.

I went to wikipedia and found out that an “Omnibus bill is a single document that is accepted in a single vote by a legislature but contains amendments to a number of other laws or even many entirely new laws. An example of these are the Omnibus spending bills regularly used by the American Congress to group together the budgets of all departments in one year.”

So, this happens every year. With all kinds of pork. I don’t think my household budget would allow for this kind of tinkering.

Politicians don’t know how to save money. What makes them think they can save daylight?


Sunnie said...

I LOVE your new Toucan style header!
And I also dislike Daylight Savings Time. Knowing I'll get my hour of sleep back sometime this Fall is not making me less grumpy today!
But the Toucan made me smile!
(please let me know if I have mis-identified the bird)

Pat said...

Yes, Sunnie, that is a Toucan. It is from a photo of a small wallhanging I made. I got hooked on thread painting when I found out what a neat effect I could get on the beak. I bet you wonder when the flamingo(s) is coming! LOL

meggie said...

I believe 'daylight saving' was introduced during WW2 for some reason, in New Zealand & Autralia. It has continued to be used since, for what purpose, other than an 'extension of playtime' I am not sure. Farmers, & mothers curse it. Particularly in the Sth Island of NZ, since it does not get dark until around 10pm!

Anonymous said...

I love your blogspot, mom! I like your comment: "Politicians don’t know how to save money. What makes them think they can save daylight?" I passed your URL to a couple of friends at school who teach sewing. I thought they would enjoy it ---- <3 Love, Kim