Sunday, March 22, 2009

March clubEQ Challenge


Have you ever looked at a quilt that was designed to showcase a new fabric line & thought “Gee, I could do that”? Well if you have EQ5 or EQ6, you can do just that.

This month’s Electric Quilt clubEQ challenge is to design a quilt from Erin McMorris’ new fabric line “Wildwood” by Free Spirit. I colored the above spring flower in 4 of 34 of Erin’s fabrics.

Here’s a link to the description of the challenge, the rules and a downloadable file of the fabrics. When you create a quilt, or two, and email it into the challenge, you’ll get a project file of all the other entries. It is interesting to see other designer’s techniques. Deadline is March 30.

I had a good time designing a quilt that would be nice for a young girl’s bedroom. I found Erin’s fabric to be perfect for this.

I have not entered every month, but my entries are listed on one of my webpages -- You can request project files of most of the entries.

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Penelope said...

We've had a great interest in this challenge, and your post is perfect invitation for more. It's been fun to see the designs come in. When no one can see anyone else's design, they're not influenced. So they rely on their own originality. The challege results will turn up on the EQ website ( next month. And rumor has it that the fabric designer will pick out some for special comment, and we'll feature that in our May EQ Newsletter. Great post, Pat!