Sunday, March 8, 2009

Crystal Light Deception

1042 Did they think we wouldn’t notice?

Container on left is an old one, on right the new one.
Old – makes 12 quarts.  New – makes 10 quarts.
Old – 6 tubs in container.  New 5 tubs in container.
Old – 3.2 oz. of powder.  New 2.5 oz. of powder

Both containers are the same size and you would never notice the size of the tubs unless you had an old tub and a new, side by side.

1043The new tub on the right is just a smidge taller so that 5 tubs fill the container to the level that 6 tubs did.

Oh, the price?  Price is the same.  Less product for the same amount of money.  And they wonder why we get angry!  The food industry has been doing this for years.

Gotta hand it to KraftFoods, they are giving us “Great New Taste”.  Hoo Boy …


sweetiepie said...

A lot of our products have been recently downsized. The marketing strategy I love the best was the 40 oz jar of Skippy peanut butter. I have purchased this size jar forever. Now on the label it says, Bonus 30% more than the 28 oz size. Huh, I didn't buy the 28oz size, I bought the 40 oz size. But when I checked the net weight, it was 36.4oz. So, why are they comparing it to the 28 oz size. It makes it seem like you are getting a bargain, when in fact you are paying the old 40oz price for less.

Pat said...

And don't ya just love it when they put a "dimple" in the bottom of the peanut butter jar which allows them to put in less content in the same-size-looking jar?

meggie said...

Happens all the time. Often the package stays the same, but the contents shrink. Usually with a New Improved sticker on the outside. Pah!

Sunnie said...

The only thing worse than "New & Improved!" is when you are told something has been changed "for your convenience"!
Though I am often troubled by labels that claim "Now Better Tasting!"