Monday, February 2, 2009

Fabric shopping, EQ, iPod Touch

I’d like to thank Penny & Andrea over at ElectricQuilt for creating a whole bunch of traffic to my blog today! I was mentioned on the EQ blog for my entry on Friday.

I had sent EQ an email saying I had found a good marriage between the iPod Touch and EQ and they agreed and posted my link today. In the EQ blog it said -- “She moves images from EQ to her IPod Touch and takes the IPod to the fabric store! Not only does she save paper, but going from computer screen to IPod screen, she doesn’t have to deal with the way printers and monitors are calibrated.”

There definitely is a difference between the colors I see on my monitor and the colors that print.

I've got a quilt that I will be making here in the not too far distant future and I will let you know how the iPod Touch helps me with my fabric selection.


Anonymous said...

Now you have to watch out for a wave of Pickles since I posted a link to your blog on Mark Lipinski's list.

Love your clever use of the iPod!

Bert in Rice, WA

Pat said...

I look forward to the Pickles, Bert! LOL

The iPod thing and images from EQ was one of those "what if" moments that worked. Hope this will be something that others can use.

Love tips that save paper and that expensive printer ink...

meggie said...

Clever you! What a great time saver, & also paper saver!