Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Happy Birthday Deloris Smith wherever you are

Isn’t it funny how things stick in our minds over the years? Deloris was my best friend in St. Casimir’s grade school. After all these many years, I still think of her on her birthday, which is the day after mine. Yes, I had a very nice birthday yesterday. Thank you Kim for a lovely lunch and such a beautiful bouquet. And so nice of all the friends and relatives with their phone calls and cards and good wishes. I thank you all for thinking of me.

Lately, I’ve been in the sewing room doing some (horrors) mending and repair. But, it does make me feel better getting some put-aside tasks completed. I have a saying tacked up in my sewing room:

Nothing is as fatiguing as the eternal hanging on of uncompleted tasks

Now if only I would pay more heed to that …

I have a recipe for you today.
Hocus Pocus Crispies
This is one I’ve been making since 1977; the photo is scanned from the old recipe I had cut out from a magazine. It’s a family favorite and a company favorite. I remember SIL Tammy really enjoying these when she came to visit and she has them in her favorite recipes.

I went to the website and did a search for the recipe and was surprised to find that it was “not found”. And a google search was fruitless. I thought that would never do – so, I am putting it online. Here’s a link to the PDF –


Sunnie said...

When I saw the pic of the Hocus Pocus Crispies, I thought it was a tulle-covered art piece!
This sounds like a great recipe. It could possibly replace the Publix Danish Pecan Ring so beloved of the BGPC (with coffee, of course).

meggie said...

Happy Birthday Pat!
I dont bake much these days, but I just might try these.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, So glad to try the recipe. You're not the Pat Tribbey from my childhood friends, Noel, Lynn and Michell's mom are you? (Susy)

Pat said...

No, Susy, I am not that Pat Tribbey. Isn't the Internet grand? To think you might just re-connect with an old friend. Maybe Deloris Smith will one day find this post.