Friday, February 13, 2009

A Needlebook Saves My Needles

I don’t know about other parts of the world, but I do know in South Florida that if my handsewing needles are exposed to air when they are stored, a corrosive-type thing happens to them. I like to keep them handy and out in the open, so I thought some kind of needlebook would work. And it does. Some time ago, I searched the WWW and found a few sites that had needlecases, books. I liked what I saw on, click on “Strawberry Delight Needlebook”. I wanted to put it on the lamp base behind my serger and it wouldn’t fit, nor fill that space. So, I thought to make my own shape. A kidney shape would do rather well.
DD Kim saw it and asked if I’d make her one. She also liked the kidney shape, even though she didn’t need that shape. So, I went into EQ6 and designed one for her. It had to have a butterfly in it. The butterfly is a symbol of life, joy and hope. And those are the things I wish for my daughter. I have given her lots of butterflies over the years.
I do not attach the pretty embroidered cover to the needlebook. It would take more room to open out a hinged cover to get at the needles. With 4 layers of felt, the bottom half acts as a pincushion when it is in use. The black felt is stitched down the middle and either side opens like a book. And I haven’t had any corroded needles since I’ve been protecting them in the needlebook.


Sunnie said...

Your design fits the "custom" kidney shape so well...
Form does follow function!

meggie said...

Excellent! Necessity is the mother of invention, as my grandmother used to say!