Monday, February 16, 2009

Found while looking for something else

I just found the coolest place to subscribe to podcasts that are all about “things computer”. Years ago, there used to be a TV show called “Cnet Central” that had all kinds of tips for computer users and news about the latest “gotta haves”. In today’s paper there was an article about making your computer run faster -

The article mentioned a video to watch on how to install more RAM in your computer. It said to go to , which I did and I found a ton of informational video podcasts that I could subscribe to. I immediately subscribed to Apple Byte, Insider Secrets, Cnet Top 5 and Quick Tips. It gave me the option to choose iTunes and they’re downloaded and waiting to go into my iPod Touch. They also had a little video that had 3 tips on how to make the most of AdAware, which I watched.

I will definitely be back to Cnet to see what else I might be missing! LOL

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meggie said...

Woohoo, I will send this to my computer expert friend, so she can share.
I am so lucky. She comes to sort out the messes I create, & speeds up my computer life.
Is there some programme which will stop the spread of the bod, caused through sitting for hours on end, enjoying new friends & fascinating reading??

OMG WV is "pubia"! can you believe that!?