Friday, February 6, 2009

An afternoon with a Monarch

After spending a good part of the morning in the sewing room, I spent a couple more hours there this afternoon watching the Lifetime movie “The Queen” with Helen Mirren which I’ve seen before. Ms. Mirren was excellent in the role as the Queen. I love stories about the monarchy. I got hooked on the PBS series about the Royal Family that was on not too long ago. Loved the little details they told about what goes on in the Palace. Like the butlers who dust the loooong dining room tables by putting fluffy socks on their feet and dancing on the tables! And all the protocol that has to be followed. Was very interesting.

I like to watch a good movie when I am sewing. It can’t be an adventure where I have to actually watch every minute of the movie. Although I’ve been known to get to my sewing only during commercials. It’s surprising how much one can accomplish during commercials!

I’ve got a few things in the sewing room that are causing me anxiety. And anxiety is something that should never be in the sewing room. So, I figure when I finish them off, the anxiety will be relieved and then I can start a new project. I’ve treated myself to a Ricky Tims pattern & kit – “The Family Tree of Life” which has a Convergence Technique as the background. His hand-dyed fabrics are to die for! But, I am not going to start on it until I finish up a few things. And then I can blog about the things that I finish. LOL

Hope your day went well and maybe you were able to spend some time sewing, too.

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Sunnie said...

I know that anxiety in the sewing room! You are has no place there, yet there it is!
It amazes me how little is left to do on some of my UFOs ...why-ever did I stop at that point?
It does feel good to get one or two done though. This year one of my goals is to complete two of my very own "vintage" UFOs...they are about 15 years old. Maybe more!
(projects that old should only be finished if you can still bear to work with the fabrics/ colors!)