Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Raccoons & Dinosaurs

1492 Another grandchild came to use the sewing machine on Sunday and Tuesday.  This wasn’t the 1st time that Jessi has been here to sew/quilt.  In fact, way before I started blogging, I wrote about our first Quilting Adventure together.  Goodness, she was 5 then, is 17 now.  Doesn’t seem like 12 years ago!

Along with pics of grandkid’s shoes, I like to take “back” shots --

1494Jessi is working on the planks in the boat.

1493We found that the “waves” fabric we liked didn’t show up too well on the fleece background.  Soooo, fused “wave” to blue fleece and cut a margin of blue around & were able to use the fabric.

1496Looks like a tall chair with feet!

1497    Aaaah, but it is only Jessi!

Jessi had bought the fleece & a Tshirt with a raccoon on it.  Her mom sketched paw prints on the Tshirt and we were able to appliqué the paw prints down on the fleece, also.  The boat fabric came from this grandma's stash.  The blanket goes to a special friend.

There’s a raccoon on the other corner.  There’s a story to this blanket & the appliqués, but it’s not mine to tell …

We have raccoons back in our neighborhood, again.  The cold weather had kept them away, but they are back to digging in the flower beds and the mulch and knocking things around.  So, my DH traps them & re-locates them.  This guy is no longer in our neighborhood --

1499What a coincidence – a raccoon in a cage and a raccoon in the sewing room … I prefer the sewing room kind!

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American Quilter's Society said...

Such a talented grand child! Can't wait to read more from you!