Sunday, May 23, 2010

Computer running slow?

If your computer is running slow, it is time for a little bit of maintenance.  If you’ve let it go for awhile, this maintenance might take more than a little while to complete.  But, future maintenance will be a piece of cake.

I knew that fonts were probably causing my computer to boot up slowly.  But, I was hesitant to remove them.  Ya know, the fonts I throw out today are going to be the fonts I’ll need tomorrow!

Today AOL had this article  that had some tips and links to getting your computer up to speed.  It also gave me a link to Microsoft’s directions on adding fonts, removing fonts and deleting fonts.  And in those directions, there’s directions to move fonts.  Now, I didn’t know I could move fonts.  That’s gonna work for me.  I will see what fonts I can live without and move them to my external harddrive.  That way they won’t boot up.  And if I ever find I need them, I know where to find them.

When I went to C > Windows > Fonts > I was shocked to see that I had 1339 fonts on my computer!  Just about every program you install seems to put in their own fonts – especially the publishing programs.  I got a big moving job ahead of me.  I’ll just do a little at a time, when I can spare the time.

And then there was a link to an article about what you should do at least once a month to improve your computer’s performance.  I must say that I’m pretty good about doing the Disk Cleanup and Defragging.  But, I will now add Disk Check to my list.

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