Sunday, May 23, 2010

Can’t move my fonts

Okay, I thought I’d do the computer a favor and move some of the 1,339 fonts I have.  I find I can’t.  I can copy them, I can delete them, but I cannot move them.

Does anyone know how to move fonts from the Windows>Fonts directory to another directory?


SusanB said...

If you copy to another directory and then delete from the Window>Fonts directory, that equals a move. I did a test and you can move by dragging a font file and dropping it on the directory you want to move it to.

Pat said...

Thank you, SusanB -- how logical. I guess I was thinking too hard yesterday or was hardly thinking. That is certainly going to work.

Now, let's say I want to put that deleted font back in the list. Do I just move the copy back? Or would I have to install the font in some way?

SusanB said...

I believe that either moving or copying the font file into the Window>Fonts directory will install the font. Or you can use the Install New Font option on the File menu.