Monday, May 18, 2009

More Fabric Bags


Cute Pooh bag, eh?  Angela from Country Scrap Quilts (blog) sent me this pic of Fabric Bag that she made from my directions.  She’s made quite a few of these bags & if you’d like to see more bags from her and others, go to my Fabric Bag Gallery on my website.  You can also find a link to the directions for the regular Fabric Bags and also a link to directions for a Christmas Shopping Bag on that webpage.  Never too early to start in on that Christmas sewing.

Angela asked for my permission to sell some Fabric Bags that she made from my directions.  She is now selling them in her Etsy shop and on her website – Country Scrap Quilts.  Hope you sell oodles, Angela! 

I like it when people send me pics of the bags they make.  I love it that people are using the Fabric Bags instead of the ugly plastic things.  Fabric Bags hold so much more and you feel so “green” using them!

I was chatting with a new checker at the grocery store the other day and she said - “I remember you, you’re the one with the pretty bags.”  Yah, that’s me all right, pretty bags & all!  LOL  ;-)


Angela said...

Thanks so much for showing the bags I made using your tutorial! I am glad you liked them! I recommend your bag pattern to everyone! :o)

meggie said...

I love home made 'green' bags. Nice of you to share!

Sunnie said...

I love to use my cloth bags at the I can get all my goodies into the house without either cutting off the circulation in a finger or wrist, and the bags don't break!
My favorite fabric is a nice medium weight home dec. remnant.... inexpensive, often quite beautiful, and I let the size of the remnant dictate how big the bag will be!