Friday, May 1, 2009

Microwave explosion

Who ever heard of water exploding?

I had read something about someone taking a cup of boiling water out of the microwave and sticking a spoon in the liquid and the water exploded & caused some serious burns.

Did not think too much about it.  Thought it was was of those one-in-a-million occurrences

THEN it happened to me.  I was lucky.  The cup of water I was boiling was still in the microwave when it exploded.  So, I was protected.  I started out with 1 cup (measured) of water and after the explosion there was about 1/8 of a cup of water left in the cup.

Thought to myself what might have been.  It is very scary when a close call like this happens.  And an eye-opener.

I now boil water in a pan on the stove.  No more microwaving to get boiling water for Jell-o.  In an effort to save time, a serious injury could have happened.  And, really, it doesn’t take all that much longer to boil water on the stove.

Practice safe boiling out there!


LizA. said...

My microwave has a setting for beverage. That way it won't use full power and turn it to boiling. However, I prefer my water a tad hotter for the french press so I give it another 30 seconds on full power and that's just about right. The newer microwaves are much higher wattage than the old ones so most cooking really needs to use lower power.

Pat said...

Well, I'll be! I just looked at my microwave & I have a beverage button, too! Has it really been there all this time and I never saw it! Just gonna have to dig out the user manual and see what it says! LOL
Thanks, LizA!

Sunnie said...

I always thought microwaves worked with now we know why people say "nuke" when they use it! LOL!
For a long time I resisted getting a microwave. After I had it 3 days it wasn't fast enough! How easily we get accustomed to things and forget they can be dangerous.
Glad you were not hurt!

Anonymous said...

Water (coffee, tea, etc.) explosions from microwaving, while rare, is not uncommon. It is due to a phenomenon called "superheating". Here it is due to the water getting hotter inside the water than on the surface or edge, because the air in the oven is cold. I am a microwave scientist and have measured extremely high temperatures in water - well over 212F (100C). Also, I own about 50 microwave ovens. The safest way to heat water is to put a spoon in the water in the cup - yes it is metal and is perfectly safe.

meggie said...

Do you not use an electric jug to boil your water for beverages or recipes?
I never use my microwave for making a drink or heating water. Very interesting to learn about the water, & why it explodes.

Pat said...

An "electric jug" Meggie - what is that exactly? I'm assuming it's an electric tea kettle of sorts.