Sunday, April 26, 2009

Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

Oh, the joy of a grilled cheese sandwich!  It’s one of those things you eat that tends to bring back memories. 

I remember my mom’s grilled cheese.  She’d put a pat of butter in a frying pan and fry the sandwich in there, one at a time.  Usually served with Campbell’s Tomato Soup on the side.  She used Wonder bread or bakery bread.  The kind of bread you can’t buy anymore cuz of my government’s idea of protecting me from trans-fat.

I spread margarine on the outside of the bread, cheese in the inside.  Has to be Kraft American Cheese slices.  Cooked on my griddle, stove top.  Can fit 4 at a time on there.  Serve with some potato chips on the side and a Kosher Dill Pickle from the crock at the Festival Flea Market.

My DH turned me on to this – sprinkle a bit of shredded Cheddar Cheese on the American Cheese before closing up the sandwich for grilling.  What a difference that makes.  He likes his sandwich cut into 4 pieces.  Another comfort thing.

Sometimes, I like cooked bacon strips in the sandwich.
Sometimes, I like sliced tomato in the sandwich.

I bet there are more variations on a grilled cheese sandwich, but I always come back to the basic one – just grill it!


Sunnie said...

I was just up in St. Simon's Island, GA, and ate at the famous Barbara Jean's. They are known for crab cakes, which they even send though the mail! But I had a grilled cheese sandwhich, with bacon and tomato slices...and a big slice of pickle on top! YUM!
Great minds are thinking alike, and appearently tummies are, too!

Anonymous said...

II add a sprinkle of garlic powder to mine.

Grilled cheese sammich! It's what's for lunch!


meggie said...

I think, when my son first left home, he lived on grilled cheese sandwiches! He love to add plenty of grilled black pepper & tomatoes. He still loves them today!

sweetiepie said...

I like some roasted red pepper on my grilled cheese.

meggie said...
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meggie said...

Sorry about that Pat. I doubles up on my comment about grilled cheese sandwiches, but just added we always use grated cheddar for ours.