Monday, April 13, 2009

Sewing and LeAnn Rimes

I haven’t put up any “quilty” things lately cuz I’ve been working on some items that will be gifts.  The “giftees” just might visit this blog and I don’t want them to see those pics before the items are gifted.

I hope to be able to show the results of some of my sewing sessions by the end of the week.

LeAnn Rimes was on the Today Show this morning and she was plugging her new book “What I Cannot Change” which is also a tune on her CD and which is also a website.

You can see a video of LeAnn singing a brief portion of the song and then the interview with Kathie Lee & Hoda -

The lyrics to the song are poignant.  Here’s a link to the lyrics --  Then, I went to the website -- .  There are posts from people who have had experiences in their life that they can’t change – haven’t we all – and they are having to learn to live through.  Reading some of the heartfelt posts makes me feel as if I don’t have it quite so bad as I thought.  There are a lot of people suffering with an awful lot of pain, caused by themselves or others.

I guess what makes us strong is learning how to cope with what we are dealt. 


missbatalha said...

Hi Pat,
I just made this video based on the song

I think you will like to watch. It is very touching. If you like it, please give me your feedback!

missbatalha said... is the video with the link!

Pat said...

What a nice presentation of LeAnn's song. Thank you for sending the link.