Friday, December 11, 2009

Desserts, Appetizers and more

CrescentLayerBars Saw a commercial the other day with all these wonderful desserts and appetizers.  There was a website listed -  A whole website dedicated to Pillsbury crescent dough!  The recipes are super simple.  And from past experience with crescent dough, all are bound to turn out terrific.

The first recipe we are going to make is the Crescent Layer Bars, pictured above.  Since we’re not fans of the vanilla chips, we are going to substitute peanut butter chips.

Gonna be mighty good with a cup of coffee.


Sunnie said...

Those cookie bars look great.
Any substitution in a recipe makes it "your own"! I am with you on the vanilla-to-peanut butter switch!
(I think we should start signing post comments with the crazy word verifications....)

Pat said...

And those bars were good! We ate some and put some in the freezer for another day. Funny idea of signing posts with the crazy word verifications. Gonna have to remember to do that.