Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Halloween Gift Bag

0730This is not meant to be a Trick or Treat bag, it is a gift bag – to put in special “spooky” things for a special “trick or treater”.  It could be used for a Trick or Treat bag if the treats aren’t real heavy.  

Start off with a plain paper bag and iron on some shapes.  I got the plain bag at Joann’s.  I’m sure the Party Supply stores would have plain bags, also.  The above bag was from last year for my grandson.

I found the above design by searching for “pumpkin carving stencils”. The design I downloaded was not the right size for the bag, so I took the image into EQ6 and drew (traced) it from the design.  The beauty of EQ6 is that you can make the design to your specs  and I could put the moon and bat where I wished.  I made the windows and door “crookedy”.  And could print out the templates any size I wished.

I cut the shapes from fabric fused to “Wonder Under” (or “Heat & Bond”).  Same as you would if making an appliqué for a quilt.  Then iron the cutout shapes to the bag – no sewing involved. 

I’m going to make another decorated paper bag this year cuz last year’s was neat.  I think I’m going to use the skull stencil I found at

Another source for images to use on the bag would be from a Desktop Publishing program on your computer. 

Gift bags with ironed-on stencils can be used to decorate plain bags for any occasion.  And makes them very personal.

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Meggie said...

I like the pumpkins. We dont observe Halloween here, never have, though I see retail outlets are doing their best to get it started.
I do like the way you decorate your homes for seasonal times.