Saturday, September 5, 2009

Recipe – Spatchcock Chicken


I just knew I should have taken the pic of the chicken that we had the other day, it was much prettier than this one.  But, by the time I thought of taking pic, much eating had gone on!

Here’s the link to spatchcocking a chicken --
A spatchcock chicken is a butterflied chicken and the above link tells you how to cut it to make it lay flat.  We tuck the wing tips under the bird so they aren’t poking up.

This is the only way we make chicken any more.  It is so tender & juicy. 

DH cooks it on a Weber Propane Grill on indirect heat, burners set at MOM – medium, off, medium.  350° for 55 minutes.  No peeking!  The secret is to keep that lid closed for 55 minutes.  No turning.

We have tried it with marinades and rubs, but the best way we like it is little bit of salt & pepper.  That’s it.  How much easier can you get?  Probably take-out, eh?  But, then that wouldn’t be as good-tasting as this chicken is!

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Sunnie said...

I'd love to leave a comment, but I can't think of anything safe to say about the pic, the name of the recipe, OR the "nakedwhiz" source of the recipe!
LOL indeed!
(of course you know I'll have to try this!)