Saturday, June 6, 2009

Royal Pains & Army Wives

Tom Jicha of the Sun-Sentinel in Ft. Lauderdale is a very harsh critic.  So, when he wrote such a glowing review Thursday morning about the “Royal Pains” premiere (USA network), I just had to watch.

It’s on here at 10pm, so I recorded Thursday’s show to watch on Friday evening.  DH watched it with me and we both thoroughly enjoyed it.  Oh, those super-rich people in the Hamptons with all their excesses & false values, I liked seeing them in action!

There has to be some truth to their behavior as portrayed in the premiere episode.  If there isn’t, I don’t care – storyline is good, the characters are fun, especially the “concierge doctor’s” brother.  What a hoot he is.

If there are going to be more interesting characters in upcoming shows as there were in the first show, “Royal Pains” will have me as a regular viewer!  As it is now, I look forward to next Thursday’s show. 

New season of “Army Wives” is back again on this coming Sunday.  I’ve missed it. 

Oh, what fun viewing I will be having this summer.

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