Friday, June 26, 2009

Knee lifts & noodles


Ever think the knee lift on your sewing machine felt uncomfortable against your leg?  I mentioned to my husband that while the knee lift was wonderful, it hurt the side of my leg as I wear shorts most of the time and that plastic handle was not comfortable against my skin.

He came up with a solution – pad the handle!

He cut a section from one of those noodles that you use in the pool and poked a knife down the middle, then slipped the purple noodle onto the handle.

I made it even more comfy by slipping a cotton footie (short sock) over the noodle.

1197It doesn’t look all that attractive, but boy oh boy, does it make a world of difference when I use that knee lift.

Isn’t it always the little things that make life easier?


animal lover, quilt lover said...

Very clever! You have a good husband!

Sunnie said...

I know where to get a noodle for $1. Now all I need is the $$$ for new machine with a knee lift!
Isn't it great to find an inexpensive solution to a problem?

meggie said...

Great idea!! He is not just a pretty face, is he!