Friday, June 15, 2012

Gotta love Publix

The employees at my local Publix supermarket always seem to give just that little bit more in their service.

Today, I ordered a half-sub and the man in the Deli said - for a $1.35 more, I could get the whole-sub (on sale).  I said “why not, it’ll be tomorrow’s lunch”.  And then he extra-wrapped the “tomorrow’s half” in plastic wrap, saying “just keeping it fresh for you tomorrow”.

Then, when I went to my van to load the groceries, I noticed a Publix employee parked at an odd angle in the space next to mine.  (He had his Publix badge & apron on)  Wondered what that was all about.  Well, it turns out he positioned his van so he could give a jump-start to someone’s dead battery.

What good things!
I think if we keep our eyes open, we will see good things happening all around.


Robbie said...

I've complimented the folks at Publix in Ocala on several occasions! In fact, there was a survey in 2011 that said publix employees had the best customer service. I mentioned this to one of the ladies at the deli and she said "they train us all the time on that"! but if you also least in ocala Publix, most of the employees are 'mature'...hmmmmmm Young folks aren't always into the customer service!

Pat said...

Robbie, the man in the Deli was "mature". The man who helped the customer in the parking lot was in his 30's.