Sunday, November 29, 2009


I think I first read about this website in the newspaper.  I like the way they explain all things techy.  They do it so I can understand what they’re talking about.  And I like all the reviews they do – on so many different products.

Go and take a look at their website and see if anything interests you.

Techlicious also has a weekly newsletter that I look forward to reading.  It always has some article (or two or more) that interest me.  In order to sign up for the newsletter, go to their blog -- and you can find the “sign up” field in the right hand column.


Josh Kirschner said...

Thanks, Pat! We're glad you're enjoying the site and appreciate the mention. If you have any ideas or questions for us, you can post it in our forum at We love to hear from our readers!

Josh Kirschner

Sunnie said...

Pat, this is a very interesting site!
I bookmarked it under a file I have called "First Look". That's where I put all the sites I want to read a bit more before moving them to a file about similar topics.