Sunday, July 26, 2009

Lifetime and SciFi changes to SyFy

When I’m sewing stuff that doesn’t require much concentration, I like to watch a movie in my sewing room.  I’ve always enjoyed the movies on Lifetime (cable channel) while I sewed.  The movies themselves don’t require much concentration.  But, now Lifetime is no longer running movies on weekdays.  They’ve got “lovely” programs such as 2 hours of “Wife Swap” in the time slot that used to have movies.

Evidently, people are watching that dreadful “Wife Swap”, otherwise they wouldn’t be airing it two hours in a row!

Then, SciFi (cable channel) changes its name to SyFy.  (Grandson calls it “Siffee”)  What’s up with that?  How much did they pay for that name change?  What a waste of money.

And I don’t think that SciFi is much of a science fiction movie channel anymore.  (Guess that’s why they changed the name)  They seem to run more horror movies than science fiction movies.  Since when is “horror” to be considered science fiction?

And all of those whacky new programs that SciFi keeps spewing out.  Another waste of time and money with programs that appeal to the short attention span of 14 year old boys.

At my age, I am no longer a demographic group that “they” would be interested in.  But, hey … I still spend money and I think I spend way more than any 14 year old boy spends!  Start running some programs that require some intelligence to follow.

Thank goodness for podcasts from NPR (National Public Radio).  I find myself listening to more and more podcasts.  I subscribe to “Fresh Air” and “The Diane Rehm Show”.

And I get quilting podcasts through my iPod Touch and iTunes.  I subscribe to Annie Smith, Alex Anderson and Bonnie McCaffery.

What do you like to listen to/watch while you sew?


Sunnie said...

I agree SyFy is the stupidest name change, and no doubt cost a ton of money!
They don't have much in the daytime, but I do rather like the new "Warehouse 13" hour out of the week's programing!
I reccomend BBC America for those who have cable and like the British SF shows,like Dr. Who.
I also like NPR!

Barbara said...

Sigh! I haven't watched tv since my hubby died 25 years ago. I love classical music, so that is what I listen to while I am in the house, be it quilting, or some hand needleart. I think the last movie I went to with a friend who begged me till I gave in was Titanic. It's sad isn't it that the quality of what started as a clean, innocent entertainment is what it is today.

Pat said...

Barbara, the content on TV has really changed over the years. But, there are some good shows on TV, some that are worth watching.

Pat said...

Sunnie, I had forgotten that I had recorded the premiere episode of "Warehouse 13". Just watched it. Very entertaining. I liked the characters. Good chemistry between Pete & Myka. Will definitely watch more episodes.